Chef 7 Star Gourmet RAW Living Foods

Innovative, delicious living foods cuisine by Chef 7 Star for Body Ecology Life Science Attunement Center!

"Kenita Gordon Hinson", aka Chef 7, is creating amazing RAW vegan/ living foods and changing the face of salads; while bridging the healthy eating gap!" 

 Chef 7's focus is nurturing the growth of a healthier humanity through her various initiatives, intent, prayers, frequency, and works. 7, is author of;

"Wow! That's RAW?", raw vegan preparation book

 "It's Salad Time!", raw vegan preparation book;

"Love-n-Life" wholistic living guide


"7 Steps to eat more Living foods" quick read.

She shares the value of living foods for healing @ Body Ecology Life Sciences Attunement Center/Reflective Gateways, with her husband Artis E.Hinson (owner of Body Ecology LSAC, Reflective Gateways, herbalist, astrologer, author and Master living foods Chef/Instructor).

Chef 7 books.

                        7 has created various initiatives to service a healthier frequency in humanity.

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      "Eating living foods to loose weight and maintain healthy immune function the delicious way!"

Heal your body of disease and imbalance through detoxification and nutrient rich RAW living vegan foods!                     

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